Flying kites brilliantly in a divisive wind

I found these in Target today, and they made me so happy. I already think the world of Pharrell and his ‘i am OTHER’ approach to life, and my daughter loves Yoobi – a stationery company that gives back to the community (doing what Tom’s did with shoes).


“The intention behind the new Yoobi x i am OTHER collection,” they say, “is to inspire kids and give them confidence to celebrate their uniqueness.”

So far so good…

At the launch, Pharell told Billboard magazine, “When you are other, that sort of denotes that you’re one of many, and that’s the beginning of people coming together, galvanizing. There’s a lot going on in the world right now. There is a wind going around the world not just in America, but in the U.K., when you look at Brexit, or when you look at Poland, or when you look at what’s going on in Germany, what’s going on in France, what’s going on in Austria. There is a divisive wind in the air, and there are certain people who know how to fly their kites brilliantly in that wind.”

He added that we have to “find a reason to respect our differences and find our similarities and become a unit again. For us, we’re betting on the future, and Yoobi is giving us a really good opportunity to do that by not only giving them school supplies, but making sure these school supplies also have a really good and powerful message of individuality, the importance of individuality, the importance of creativity, the importance of homing in on being curious.”

The end result: pencils and notebooks that say, “Be Other” and “There’s an OTHER in all of us.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Count me in.

Buy them here: Yoobi.


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