Rick Guidotti: Positive Exposure

A few months ago, I blogged about a movie called On Beauty, which features the work of Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure. Last week, I visited the Museum of Tolerance in LA specifically to see an exhibition of his photographs. It wasn’t large, and it wasn’t drawing the crowds that the Holocaust exhibits were, but I’m so glad I made the effort.


As I was looking at the pictures, I noticed Rick was standing right beside me. Which was a really great surprise, as he’s based in New York. So I had a chance to talk to him about his work, which I admire enormouslyA former fashion photographer, he now photographs people living with genetic, physical, behavioral and intellectual differences – from Down syndrome to Trisomy 18 to autism. His mission is to change the public perception of beauty.


It all started, he said, when he left a shoot and saw a dazzlingly beautiful woman with pale skin and white hair walking down the street. She turned out to have albinism. He approached her, photographed her in the studio, and noticed how her perception of herself changed when he showed her the images he had taken. He has continued to do this with other non-typical subjects.


I noticed that some captions in the exhibition told the story of the person pictured, and some didn’t. He said he wants to let the pictures speak for themselves. And they do – volumes.

His work is so inspiring. Please check it out if you can.


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